Welcome to Sauna Surround You maker and distributer of SURROUNDU high quality saunas!

The 21st century has provided us with some amazing innovations, and Sauna Surround You presents one that will soon become part of your life: the mobile sauna! Imagine traveling to your favorite camping spot and after a adventurous day you can sit back in your sauna, then emerge back into the beauty of nature. With a mobile sauna, you can do that! In fact you can take one of our mobile saunas anywhere and let the stresses of the day melt away at your convenience!

Buy Your Own Mobile Sauna

Sauna devotees can purchase our incredible mobile saunas made from real Western Red Cedar. We custom build our saunas to your specifications. Due to supply and demand as well as material pricing, costs for a fully finished sauna may vary. Let us know what you want and we’ll work up a quote for you! Refer to the pricing page/tab to get an idea! Delivery available nationwide.

Rent a Mobile Sauna

If you’re in the Arcata or Eureka, CA area and you’re into occasional sauna use, need a sauna for an event, or just want to try our great mobile saunas before you buy, then you’ll love our rental option. Give us a call at (707) 722-7324 with your requirements and we’ll quote you on mobile sauna rentals!


The Benefits of Sauna Use
• Relieves Tension and Stress
• Increases Circulation
• Boosts Immune System Functions
• Relieves Allergy and Sinus Congestion
• Helps Relieve Mental Fatigue
• Soothes and Relaxes Tired Muscles


Attention to Detail
We use the highest quality wood available

Custom Built Saunas - No kits
Thick wall construction at 2 1/4 inches compared to competitors 1 1/2 inch

Mobile Option
With an added mobile option, you can take your sauna anywhere you go!

We also build campers and can
meet your tiny home needs!

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